Why are you running?

Forrest Gump, image credit:

Forrest Gump, image credit:

Are you running for fame, to have more followers, more likes or are you running to meet a long-term goal? When I recently reached two hundred followers on my Twitter account, I instantly felt in Forrest Gump’s shoes while he was doing his long run and one obvious question came to my mind: what are the key takeaways from Forrest Gump long run that can be apply on any social media activities? And here are three key lessons I believe you can learn from his long run:

1- Run for a purpose

Ultimately, Forrest Gump prime goal was to put the past behind him to move on. It’s important to remember the scope of your actions, the story you want to tell and the ultimate purpose to keep you going in your social media run/activities. As Lee Odden puts it in a recent article ”It’s not the single social post that matters, it’s the story that evolves out of the cumulative experience”.

2- Make bold moves

Running for three years, two months, 14 days and 16 hours, that’s what I call a bold move! When taking actions or starting an online campaign, it’s important to differentiate yourself from your competitor and challenge the status quo. I recently came across a social post (Twitter and Facebook) from Oreo that states: ” If seeing is believing, we believe in something good”. Oreo here make a bold statement and hence, position themselves as spiritual, mystical and overall belonging to brands you can trust and believe in.

"If seeing is believing, we believe in something good" Oreo

“If seeing is believing, we believe in something good” Oreo

3- Bring an added value, inspire

Inspiration and hope that’s the two key added-values that Forest Gump brought to his community while he was doing his long run. Brands today are not only manufacturers or producers (service/product) but they can take positions to solve bigger issues. One recent example is Gap standing up for Waris Ahluwalia that was victim of a racist attack. By doing so, they raised the Sikh community profile as a whole, giving them hope and inspiring the world.

Overall, social media is more than likes, follows and comments. It’s a deeper process that requires having a purpose, taking bold moves and becoming an inspiration for your community.

And you, why are you running?

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