Twitter starts “singing” with its new music app

The “little blue bird” Twitter starts singing with its new music app launched on April 12th, 2013. As for now, the app is only available for really famous people and “influencers” according to AllThings.

Image credit:The Telegraph

Image credit: Twitter

This move follows the acquisition of We Are Hunted, a music discovery service, by Twitter on March 13th, 2013. 

Between rumour and reality, Twitter, according to The Telegraph, confirms and clarifies the launch and says it will offer: “the best new music in the world right now”.

Inside Twitter music app

Designer Youssef Sarhan, after inspecting the HTML source, on April 12th 2013, of found an odd code that leads him to the following discoveries. Rumor has it that the Twitter app will be composed of a Web interface and a separate app. Streaming music will be available that will connect with Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, Soundcloud, Vevo and YouTube. The app’s design is simple. It has settings such as “explicit”, an on-and-off button and “curiously, there’s a next button but no previous button.

Twitter music app's design. Image credit: The Next Web

Twitter music app’s design. Image credit: The Next Web

What’s in it for Twitter?

The app is real and Ryan Seacrest, an influencer in the music, TV and radio industry, confirms it and apparently likes it very much. But what’s in it for Twitter?

You may say that, it’s inherent for a bird to sing and that’s what Twitter is going to do with its new app.  According to Doug Gross, Twitter is simply launching its application for dollars and cents. In fact, the music industry is lucrative. The Recording Industry Association of America notes an increase of 14% in digital-music sales in 2012 equivalent to $4 billion. The report explains that the way people is listening to music is changing and users prefers to have a large palette of choice online rather than to be limited to a few albums or songs.

Facebook did it in its own way with Spotify.  Today, it is the turn of the “little blue bird” Twitter to start in the music industry. The experts from the industry are positive about this move. “Music discovery and Twitter would seem to be a perfect marriage” says Kit Eaton, covering the science/tech/generally-exciting-and-innovative beat for Fast Company. Scott Austin, Wall Street Journal Technology Editor, says “certainly music discovery is a big deal now… and now it’s all about social music discovery”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Twitter!

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