Social Media and CRM, a tale of two lovers!

Jessica and Roger, image credit

Jessica and Roger, image credit

In this blog post, I will attempt to explain you Social CRM throughout a tale which I entitled: Social Media and CRM, a tale of two lovers. From my various reads, I came to the conclusion that Social Media and CRM are a perfect match and here you can find out why:

Once upon a time there was CRM (Customer Relationship Management), young and adventurous. His mission was to collect information to improve customer relationship and to increase sales. His strategy to achieve that aim was based overall on one-way communication: from company to consumers. If consumers had a problem with a product, they could call them but it was impersonal following a standard procedure. The same from his side, calling consumers or undertaking market research to get feedback was possible but the information provided was often irrelevant.

He needed to put a face on his consumers and that was hard to achieve with the above strategy. One day, he was walking back from work feeling useless and discouraged. He was thinking of a solution to improve his business when suddenly, she appeared from nowhere: young, beautiful and colourful. They gazed at each other and they started talking:

CRM: Hi you, what’s your name?

Social Media: My name is Social Media but you can call me the Next Big Thing!

CRM: Alrighty, then! What do you do in life?

Social Media: I enable people to share information (personal and professional) from all around the world wherever and whenever they want on various social platforms. What about you?

CRM: I collect information and use it to increase sales and please customers but I have difficulties in gathering relevant information. Customers wont tell it to me, they prefer to share it with their friends.

From the time he said this, he suddenly realised that she was meant for him and directly proposed to her. Charmed by his spontaneity she said yes, without a doubt!

Together they became Social CRM. They were able to understand and engage with customers like no one before making them happy by producing curated content, great products and by collecting their feedback in a more personalised manner.

To be continued…

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