My cat is into social media & technology but he likes to sleep too much!

My cat likes to sleep, edited with Twitter

My cat likes to sleep, edited with Twitter

Apart from my cat who is into social media & technology and sleeps almost all day long, we “social media being” are not allowed to do so and even more we may be deprived from sleeping. Technology and social media can be addictive and here are some of the side effects you may encounter:

1- Updating Facebook and Twitter while sleeping

According to a recent Swedish study, more and more people update unconsciously their Facebook and Twitter profile while sleeping. Similarly to sleep walking, people can text or message via social media networks their contacts from their closest friends to their business acquaintances, causing sometimes breakups, divorces and job redundancies.

2- Addiction

Wilhelm Hofmann, a researcher from Chicago University’s Booth Business School undertook a research in the German city of Würtzburg. He found out that Tweeting or checking emails can be more addictive than alcohol and cigarettes. Even more shocking than that, people while sleeping or having sex express the need to use social media platforms.

Overall, we can see overtime that social media has side effects that are affecting our well-being, sleep and personal & professional relationships. And you what are the side effects, you have encounter while using social media?

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