Monetisation: fresh insights from the masters of Europe

Monetisation is vital for the future of advertising and marketing. Here are some fresh insights from Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and other key players of that industry, taken from the Advertising Week Europe 2013 in London (see below for the speaker list).

Monetisation is a dirty word

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Around monetisation revolves three key elements: data, content and mobile.

Data engagement

Data alone is “really dull and pointless” said Piers North, Strategy Director at Yahoo UK. It is the insights that come out of it that matter, explained a majority of speakers at the panel. With those insights, marketers and advertisers are able to engage their audiences with relevant content and advertising, hence increasing revenue. In the case of LinkedIn, Joshua Graff, Director Marketing Solutions EMEA, said that ”data is a means to an end” which is “to deliver creative messaging to their members”.

Phil Stokes, Partner, EMEA TICE & Media Leader at PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers), noted that big data will be soon replaced by “little data”. In fact, the challenge is to analyse “the marasme of data” that is out there and come up with the relevant information (ie ” the little data”) for clients to make effective decisions.

Creativity vs. data

In a context of an advertising campaign, what is the role of data. Should data or creativity drive the campaign? Josh Graph argued that “content is critical”. He took the example of the CMO of Uniliver that promotes content and creativity over data.

The consumer is not after data, rather he is attracted by the creative presentation of a campaign as well as information that is relevant for him. In fact, Rupert Staines, MD Europe at RadiumOne,  said that advertising and content are becoming more simply recognised as information.

Towards a new advertising model

Creating engaging experiences mobile users is a challenging job for advertisers and they are exploring everyday ways to achieve it in order to increase revenue. It is not enough to make a transfer from desktop to tablet or from desktop to mobile, “you have to build it from the ground up”, argued Josh Graph.

In fact, mobile and desktop are two different experiences. “As consumers, we do different things with our mobile and our desktop” which “require us to build a different model of advertising”, added Chris Bennett, Director, EMEA at Tapjoy. 

Overall monetisation for the advertising and marketing industry is not an exact science. It is rather a constant iteration with the aim to create engagement and drive revenue.

Source: The Guardian – Masters Of Monetisation - Advertising Week Europe 2013, London

The speaker list:

Chris Bennett- Director, EMEA, TapJoy

Andrew Bibby- SVP Global Advertiser Sales, SposorPay

Joshua Graff- Director, Marketing Solutions EMEA, LinkedIn

Christian Hernandez Gallardo- Director, UK & Pan-Euro, Facebook

Piers North- Strategy Director, Yahoo! UK

Christian Peck- Managing Director, Acxiom UK

Rupert Staines- MD Europe, RadiumOne

Michael Steckler- EVP, Global Business Operations, Criteo

Phil Stokes- Partner, EMEA TICE & Media Leader, PWC (Pricewaterhouse Coopers)

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