Me and Twitter we are now best friends!

Best Friends, image credit: hdwallpapersart

Best Friends, image credit: hdwallpapersart

Twitter is a social network unlike others that is really keen to provide information to its users. If I had to define Twitter today I would say: It’s a flow of information that is constantly moving and encourages conversations and opinions to be expressed. But a few month back, when I was starting my journey¬†from public relations to digital communications and hence my¬†exploration of this platform, I wasn’t able to put that into words. In that journey, two advises was given to me that I want to share with you today:

Twitter is not Facebook

I was using Twitter as another Facebook and hence following everyone thinking that it was like adding friends on Facebook. Last January I was following 900 hundred accounts and I was followed by 80 ones. While on Facebook, it’s all about having a lot of friends, on Twitter it’s not the aim to follow a large amount of accounts. Remember Twitter provides information, hence if you are following too many accounts you might get lost in the flow of information. I started following people that really matters to me and gave me the best value proposition. In 7 months I unfollowed about 600 people, which balanced out my followers/following to 180/262.

Twitter without lists does not make sense!

First, I had to define what I wanted to get from Twitter. Is it random stories of people, political viewpoints, artists news or something else? Once I had decided that, it was easier to choose the accounts to follow. And the same goes for my account, it needed to show on my bio what I was up to.

Once I had selected the stream of information I wanted to follow, I started creating lists. Lists helps you group people that are talking about a similar subject into one group. In that way, you can easily follow multiple conversations. I created several lists which are: startup and innovations; social media; technology; e-marketing; politics; ONGs; news; public relations; and artists. Finally, I opened a TweetDeck account that align my lists vertically and enable me to keep up with several topics at the same time.

Following those steps, me and Twitter we became best friends. I get what I want from him and he gets what he wants from me. It’s a win-win relationship. And you what’s your experience with Twitter?

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