Google reinvents the present with Glass

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It is light, comfortable and sturdy. You wear it on your face. You can take pictures and videos with it. And it instantly gives you the information you need.

What is it? Google reinvents the present with its new product Google Glass. It’s a pair of glasses that enables you to communicate through images and videos and instantly access information.

It all started 3 years ago when Google made a strategic move and recruited Babak Parviz, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington to lead its Google Glass project.

According to The Verge, Glass is no more a prototype but it is becoming a reality that will most probably hit the market by the end of 2013 and will cost “less than $1,500″. However for some the question still remains: why would you wear Google Glass?

Why would you wear Google Glass?

During Google I/O 2012 – Keynote Day 1, in 2012, Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, says that Google envisioned two main purposes for Glass:

First it offers you the capability to communicate through the unique perspective of your eyes with images and videos. Capture every moment of your life and never again say “I wish I had a camera to capture this unique moment”.

Second, it enables you to access information very quickly without disconnecting from your physical environment. We all had this experience where we will be in a middle of a discussion, driving or playing a game and having this urge to have an immediate information either to make your point or simply to satisfy your curiosity.

Technology vs. Distraction

The main objective of Glass, according to Steve Lee, product director, was to solve the following equation: “how to have technology out of the way when you are doing activity but have it there when you need it?”. The more effective way Google found to tackle this issue is to bring technology closer to your senses. By doing so, Glass is in harmony with you and technology is no longer a problem.

Design is key

Design is key for a product that people will wear on their faces. Isabelle Olsson, lead industrial designer, explains that “Glass as a whole is to be close to your senses but not block them”. And one clear example of that is the positioning of the display above your eye.

Glass is light, comfortable and sturdy. It is a complete different platform that people will have to wear on their face, so it is important that it is light and comfortable. Also, Glass is sturdy, to always accompany you in your daily activities while running, playing tennis and so on.

The design is apparently very attractive and especially the various colors that Google proposes which are Shale, Tangerine, Charcoal, Cotton and Sky. People are sensitive to color and that will make Glass more wearable.

What’s next?

What’s next is the logical question to ask after talking about a controversial product such as Glass. All technology augments Human Beings and so does Glass. However, Google takes it one step further with two aspects. First, Glass is part of an essential part of your body your face. Second, you can speak to Glass and it will execute your demands.

Surely, it is a wonderful product that can make marvels. Being able to share videos and images with a blink of an eye. Getting immediate information by just raising the voice. What do you want more?

Overall, Glass enhances your “present experience” and enables you to appreciate each moment of your life. Evgeny Morozov, journalist, author and expert on political and social aspects of the Internet, thinks that Google revolution isn’t worth our privacy and raises the following question: What will Google do with the information that goes throughout our eyes and what control will we have over it?

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