Google+ is an invitation towards innovation, success and great achievements!

Google+ Image credit: Mashable

Google+ Image credit: Mashable

Google+ is a social platform created in 2011 by Google. At first, it was a look-alike to Facebook because you can add friends and share all sorts of content. Today, it has since grown into a unique platform.

At Google’s I/O conference on May 15th 2013 in San Francisco, some of the 41 improvements were showcased by Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering. With all these changes in three major areas: steam, hangouts and photos, today, I am much more thrilled to use Google+.

My experience with Google+ started when I was in the UAE, 2 years ago, in 2011. On my Gmail window I saw a “Nazih+” and I wondered what that was, so I clicked and I entered the Google+ world.

Then, I started to use Google+ as I would use Facebook. I shared articles, music videos, images and so on without really “exploring” the platform. Curious, I started to research about Google+ in general and here is what I found out.

The power of storytelling

Google has a unique way of bringing a new product to their audience. According to AdAge, Robert Wong, chief creative officer at Google Creative Lab,  said that their marketing strategy is “a combination of understanding the company’s own culture and story, and then demonstrating the product in the most empathetic way possible”.

One key point they emphasise on is that “people will remember the way you made them feel”. Their advertising campaign and particularly the below ad made me feel as if my dreams can make history.

Even though I didn’t know exactly what Google+ was, but this ad told me “it is a platform that will change your life”. With this ad, they associate your world with familiar personalities such Alicia Keys, David Beckam and Barack Obama. Hence, I understood that Google+ is more than a social platform, it is an invitation from Google to the journey of innovation, success and great achievements.

From a marketing perspective, it is clear that Google has succeeded in positioning its product apart from Facebook and all the others social platforms. But the questions still coming back to me, what can you use it for?

The use of Google+

More and more I am seeing the importance of optimising the use of each social platform, in each case bringing a new aspect of your brand’s personality.

In terms of content, I came to the conclusion that Google+ lies between Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, on LinkedIn your interactions and your content will be related mainly to your industry (interesting news articles and discussions within specific groups). On the opposite end of the scale, Facebook is a platform that revolves around feelings and emotions. You would share pictures about key events, status, games and so on. Google+ is the mix of both of these worlds, rational and irrational ; professional and private, plus other engaging features.

Google+ Hangouts is one of them. A video chat platform that enables you to communicate with more than 2 people. It is seamless and very close to what you can experience in real life. Hence, creating a better engagement with your clients, your fans, your employees and your family.

Another new feature of Google+ is the possibility of going deeper into one particular subject that you are interested in. In fact, you can flip over pictures and view related photos under the same hashtag.

Overall, this is what I notice to be unique about Google+. A strong brand identity with a lot of cool features. Now that the UX design has enormously improved, I am ready to start the adventure with Google+ towards innovation, success and great achievements. According to Forbes, Google+ is the second largest social platform after Facebook with over 500 million users and 343 million of them which are active.

And you, are you part of the Google+’s adventure?

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