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Start your social media activities today

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Now it’s time to embark on your social media activities


After networking with several community managers the last couple of years on their social media strategies and by getting hands-on experience with Publicis, I would like today to share some of my learnings.


As everything in business, you need to know where you are going, to decide the way you are going to reach your destination. In fact, two questions needs to be answered before starting any social media activities:

1- what are your overall corporate objectives ? (for instance: increase brand awareness, grow your online traffic, etc.)

2- how social media can help you reach those objectives ?

With that in mind, you can decide whether social media is the way to go about your goals or not. And if it is the case, you will be able to choose the right platform to fulfill your vision. Once, you have a clear answers on those two questions, you can start developing a storyline for each social networks you want to be on.


Whether you aim to increase your brand awareness or to grow your online traffic on your website, you have to tell a story around a common theme (lifestyle, technology, etc.) that will stimulate a conversation and on a long run create a community. “It has always been about the story” Kevin Spacey recently said on the content marketing world conference. Let’s face it, we all love stories since our childhood and this is why people will be more willing to listen to you if you have a gripping narative about your products or your services.

Compelling content is key to connect consumers to your brand and create an emotional bonding. Content (article, video and image) simply put, is information about your products or the industry you are in that will appeal to your customers and bring a significant value to their life. Depending on what you want to convey, you can choose to make them laugh, think or teach something useful.

Start, try, analyse and re-start: iterative approach

You know what you are going to talk about and you are about to start your social media activities. In this adventure, there are two players, you and your audience. Although you know well what your stand for and what you are about to convey, you don’t know well enough your audience. Hence, it is important to have an iterative approach.

You can start by writting an editorial calendar such as the below one and after two weeks or one month start analysing the results and continuously adapt your content.

Editorial Calendar, image credit :

Editorial Calendar, image credit : www.hootsuite.com

The time is key to track because you can understand when your audience is active or inactive. Hence, by trying multiple timing you will get to know when to connect or not to connect with your fans. The topic is also crucial to track, to analyse what your audience is interested in and what simply bore them. Based on the goals, you have set beforehand you can decide to track other metrics.

You can also use the below template to have an overall picture on your cross-channel activities :

Cross-channel metrics

Cross-channel metrics, image credit : www.expion.com

Overall building online communities takes time and requires to always remember your initial objectives, to provide content that will offer an added value to your audience and to use an iterative approach to have an understanding of what your audience likes or dislikes.

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